Kick(start) A Habit For Better Learning

How to learn anything and become successful

You’ve probably read that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on anything. I recently read a book that proposes learning anything fast (you can watch the author talk about it at TED here) – in only 20 hours! What’s really interesting is the idea that it takes only a certain (small) amount of time to reach a basic level of any activity as opposed to being an expert. Ten thousand or 20 hours, it doesn’t really matter in my opinion. It’s not about time; it’s more than that. It’s about quality, effort, and more importantly, habit. Unfortunately, most of us fall victim to one of the first two criteria, and even though we’re creatures of habit, we have trouble creating new habits so the rest of us quit at the third stage.

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Everything Entrepreneur

I’m not an entrepreneur yet, but I am entrepreneurial. I enjoy identifying problems and fixing them in innovative and creative ways. I like challenging myself for constant improvement and testing myself to push my limits. I wrote a post on the Small-Time Entrepreneur blog about how we should take an entrepreneur’s approach to everything from mundane tasks to personal goals, and I got to thinking about how I actually incorporate that into my everyday life.

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Settling Vs. Striving

Making career decisions is one tough job!

Recently, I had to turn down a job offer. It was an interesting position and an appealing proposition but in the end I realized it just wasn’t right for me. This was unfortunate and it was a difficult decision but I know I made it for the best. My experience throughout the process – this being my first post-university job offer – taught me a lot and it forced me to think about my career and goals and to rethink the way I go about searching for a job.

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