I am a young marketer

I graduated university with a degree in marketing and I interned at various companies from startups to multinationals. Throughout one year, I worked in different industries to get a taste for what moves me and now I know where I want to go in life, both professionally and personally.

I love working with brands and consumers and I want start and build my career in marketing at a leading company. I have a huge interest for marketing and a strong passion for brands. I truly believe brands can be people and vice versa.

My blog is a venture

I write my opinions and share my knowledge here, always with a fresh take and a new perspective on things. I like to speak about business and fun, so prepare yourself to read about everything from startups to sports and from tech to arts. Whatever comes to mind, anything goes.

This blog is my portfolio, my pet project, my baby. It serves to define and showcase who I am, as a person and as a brand.

Maybe you’re a reader, a recruiter or just a passer-by. Either way, feel free to comment on my posts or contact me directly!

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