Sorry For Party Marketing

What buzz, viral and word-of-mouth marketing have in common

These days, marketing is all about making noise, generating buzz, and going viral. Word-of-mouth has been around for ages, but buzz marketing and viral marketing are concepts that emerged with the internet and social media. What all of these have in common is that they rely on the help of consumers themselves – whether knowingly or unknowingly – to get the word out, they are short-term strategies generally with the goal of increasing brand awareness by echoing its name, and they fail to create long-lasting effects. However, some brands forget that marketing has to have a coherent message.

A coherent message is key in cutting through the noise and making a lasting impact. Increasing brand awareness doesn’t mean just making the name of your brand heard; it means helping consumers associate your brand with its purpose. Shouting the name of your brand from the rooftops at the top of your lungs just won’t cut it. Attention-seeking attempts are in vain as we consume high amounts of information daily and names can be quickly forgotten.

Today’s news is yesterday’s junk, so for any marketing effort like buzz, viral or word-of-mouth, brands need to choose the right message. The right message, one that communicates value for consumers, is like music to their ears. They want to hear, they want to share it and they want to hear it again. The right message has to be relevant for the consumer and consistent with the brand’s identity.

Making noise for the sake of making noise is useless, pointless. Keep the noise down and the cops won’t bust your party; rather, play the right music for your audience. Whatever happened to making sense, generating value and being clear? Brands must pay attention to the conversation between them and consumers instead of trying to catch their attention just for the sake of doing so. After all, it’s a two-way street and buzz, viral and word-of-mouth marketing can be used to spark conversations.

Ask yourself, is your message loud and meaningful?


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