Everything Entrepreneur

I’m not an entrepreneur yet, but I am entrepreneurial. I enjoy identifying problems and fixing them in innovative and creative ways. I like challenging myself for constant improvement and testing myself to push my limits. I wrote a post on the Small-Time Entrepreneur blog about how we should take an entrepreneur’s approach to everything from mundane tasks to personal goals, and I got to thinking about how I actually incorporate that into my everyday life.

During my internship(s), whenever I was given an assignment, I treated it like a personal project. My customer was always my line manager, and sometimes other superiors too, and my goal was quite simply to make them happy. This meant delivering results, proposing solutions, and more, depending on the context. At AB-Inbev, for example, ownership was encouraged and even promoted as a company value. This is in essence very similar to intrapreneurship, the concept in which an employee acts as an entrepreneur within the company to create new ventures, and I always took advantage of opportunities to exercise my abilities.

When discarding old stuff and junk, I usually clean it up and sell it online rather than simply throwing it out. Makes sense you might say, and many people already do it. However, every ad I post is carefully written with links and extra information provided, every picture is clear and taken to highlight the object’s value or purpose, and finally, I choose a relevant network to sell it in. If it might be of interest to my friends, I turn to Facebook; otherwise, I use web services like second-hand shops and classified ads.

This very blog is a perfect example. I ask myself ‘how can I add value?’ when looking for relevant and interesting content for my readers and I share it with the right people and communicate it in the right places in order to reach and grow my audience. I’ve started to teach private language lessons and I adapt my offer to match my clients’ expectations. Practicing entrepreneurship at the smallest level has been a success for me with very positive results in the past two months.

Do you want to be an everything entrepreneur?


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