Settling Vs. Striving

Making career decisions is one tough job!

Recently, I had to turn down a job offer. It was an interesting position and an appealing proposition but in the end I realized it just wasn’t right for me. This was unfortunate and it was a difficult decision but I know I made it for the best. My experience throughout the process – this being my first post-university job offer – taught me a lot and it forced me to think about my career and goals and to rethink the way I go about searching for a job.

In the short-term, it made sense; I would earn a living and get my first job fresh out of college. The problem was that it didn’t match my long-term plan to build a career in marketing. It wouldn’t help me climb towards where I want to go. Still, I was undecided; there were a lot positive points like the experience, the salary, the perks. On the other hand, it wasn’t what I originally set out to find which meant I would be settling. The question was, what was I settling for?

I realized there were two sides to the equation. One was value for now and the other was value for later, and the former outweighed the latter. At that point, I came to the conclusion that my future was more important to me than my present, and so, with this decision, I’m investing in that. Today, my question is, what am I striving for?

Now I ask you, what are you striving for?

PS. A big shout-out to my father for guidance and support!


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